Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Full service design and installation of underfloor heating and cooling systems.

Comfortable and Healthy Climate

These days underfloor heating has moved on to fully automated systems and a range of energy sources. Obviously, many started to appreciate the benefits of underfloor heating.

Especially where climate is actually quite moderate but also very changeable as well. A reliable heating system that keeps the temperature in a home constant and can even be used as a cooling system is therefore popular around the globe.

Systems can be switched to a cooling system during the summer months, providing gentle cooling from the ground up. Underfloor heating is invisible and being under the surface gives you a totally flexible layout with no radiators to limit interior designs and furniture arrangements.

About Us
underfloor heating and cooling - Fußbodenheizung und -kühlung

How We Do It

From initial design and product specification, installation and technical support, we have all the experience and expertise to provide unbeatable service. We deliver high quality and economical heating solutions. We have all the data and expertise to provide detailed schematics and installation systems ensuring that you have a problem free and safe installation.


Tailored to your needs. All sorts of properties from houses to commercial places, enjoy the benefits of Ciocanachi GmbH underfloor heating systems.


Our team will make sure that the system components are perfectly matched to your requirements, in order to meet the required heat outputs in each area of the building.


We have a team of expert installers and technicians who will be able to answer any queries you may have, giving you complete peace of mind for the future of your system.

Domestic Property

No space-consuming radiators to hinder your interior planning. Our underfloor heating systems are completely invisible and allow for unlimited creative freedom by interior designer and homeowner alike. With no radiators to work around, the walls can all be used to suit the desired outcome. This can be particularly helpful in smaller dwellings at the affordable end of the scale.

Commercial Property

The fact that underfloor heating is the most sustainable and economical central heating system is not the only reason why it is used more and more in commercial and public buildings. It is ideal for area’s with high ceilings like entrance halls and atria as heat is generated from the ground up and not from the ceiling down.

Industrial Surface

Absolute spatial freedom and optimum building utilization. Industrial underfloor heating systems are installed directly in the concrete slab of the floor structure. It is possible to utilize the steel reinforcement normally integrated into the concrete slab as support for the heating pipes. Heat can be supplied by all standard heating sources for industrial buildings.

Sport Spaces

To ensure maximum performance, sports underfloor heating systems ensure the optimum indoor climate. In sports halls it is important to ensure a pleasant indoor climate that supports the best possible performance. Underfloor heating systems are laid invisibly in the floor. Therefore, there are no disturbing system components such as radiators. Sports heaters are maintenance-free and ensure low operating costs.